“It’s probably your bed that’s keeping you awake”

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That's what I told one of my friends who, for the last couple of months, has been complaining about the quality of sleep he was having -- or the lack thereof. When I asked how long he'd had his current bed he told me that his ex wife was the one who bought it. They've been divorced for nearly ten yeas now.

As you may know, the Better Sleep Council has warned against sleeping on beds that are older that seven years. My friend is nearly three years in the red! And as we all know, the age of your mattress can encourage (under five years) or deter (over seven years) good quality sleep.

Your bed should be your first point of investigation before you go to a doctor or pharmacy seeking sleeping aids. This is as natural a sleeping remedy as you will get!

1. Check the bed itself: How long have you had it? Does the mattress feel or look lumpy? Ignore the in-store guaranty and buy a new bed if you've had the bed for more than five years and (or) if it has gotten lumpy.

2. Do you wake up feeling sore and more tired than you did when you went to bed? This is not a good sign. Sleep was designed to relax and rejuvenate your body if your mattress has stopped facilitating that process then it is indeed time to move on and buy another.

3. If you have trouble falling asleep but our bed is quite new (and does not exhibit the signs mentioned in one and two) then maybe your problem is bedding. Wash and iron your sheets and pillowcases frequently; sun-dry them where possible because the power of the sun kills any germs that survive the wash.

You also cannot be sleeping in the same bed you shared with a former spouse or partner ten years after the fact. The bed will be scientifically useless (as mentioned above) but you might also have psychological issues of the failed relationship holding you back. Let the beginning you have on your own have its own bed. This is a nifty guide to buying your next bed

Remember that if your bed no longer supports your weight, comforts you while you sleep or helps you, it's time to end the relationship.

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