J & B Met Style

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Before I get into my post I'd like to just make it known how proud and blown away by the Jetsetter's J & B Met post yesterday! Such funny and insightful observations. She had me LOL-ing to myself. So I thought I'd make this post into a sort of continuation, talking about what the met is really about: FASHION.

The Jetsetter got two important things right in her post: all roads lead to the Kenilworth Racecourse this weekend and only a few people going there will be going for the horses.

In its 36th year the J & B Met has always been a stylish do but has gotten even more so in the past decade or so with the rise of celebrity culture, social media, blogging and style in the country. It's rare that you'll hear about who won how much money betting on the horses, unless of course their winning are of "thatha amachance thatha amamillion" proportions.

As a broke former student and funemployed fashionista (quickly turning into a fitness bunny) who doesn't get to attend things I"ll be watching the even at home -- more on that later.

What To wear to the J & B Met

1. No Stilettos! this issue has been mentioned and debated over the years but it still holds true. six-inch pencil heels (regardless of the designer)  sink into racecourse grass. Always. Wear a nice platform or wedge heel if you want the height support.

2. Stick to the theme and let your imagination do all the talking. This is one fashion event at which you're allowed to look so outrageous you end up looking good. OTT is good.

3. Headgear. Grab a fascinator that will make attendees of the 2011 British Royal wedding proud. Wear a hat that will make Aretha Franklin's 2009 inauguration hat look on with admiration.

4. Be outrageous. Not only is there a jet-setting prize  worth looking foolish for but this is the only time in the fashion calender where your fashion "miss" might get over looked, so go for it!

Photos of J & B Mets past:


images: 1, 2 and 3

I'll watching with bated breath from my couch as SABC 3's Jeanie D and Bonang Matheba bring us the fashion and celebrities live from the Kenilworth Racecourse tomorrow.

Cheers to the weekend!

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