J-Lo deals with double baby sleep blow!

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People are still talking about the 2014 Soccer World Cup opening ceremony. But what they're tweeting about is none other than a certain superstar who wore little more than a sequin leotard and delivered the FIFA World Cup Official song 'We are One' alongside PitBull and Claudia Leitte.

J Lo opening ceremony copy

On the one hand, fans think it was totally appropriate... Jennifer is in top shape, this is Brazil we are talking about... the country that sees topless grannies dancing during the annual carnival... so why not. On the other hand, more conservative press feel that, at 44 years old, and being a mother of two, J-Lo should cover that booty and calm down.

Although its hard to imagine after seeing her so shiny on stage, but Jenny-from-the-block has had her share of tough times. It's nothing that most moms aren't familiar with.


Back in 2008 J-Lo and Marc Anthony had twins, Max and Emme (they are now six years old). Renowned for quoting sleep as "her secret weapon" J-Lo had to face a grueling schedule with far less than her desired eight hours. In 2008, she told People magazine that the twins were keeping her up til 6am!

Whilst she could have deferred to a team of nannies, J-Lo (who is now a single mother after her recent divorce) has tried to give her kids stability and surround herself with family, including her mother and cousin, rather than hired help. Furthermore, like most working moms, J-Lo chooses to be as present and hands on as possible. She took her kids along for the ride on her Dance Again World Tour and made sure she was the one "giving Max and Emme their baths, reading to them and eating meals with them" despite performing for 90 minutes most days.


So when you find yourself in a season of poor sleep thanks to the arrival of a beautiful bundle, fear not. It is just that - a season. If J-Lo can come out the other side glowing then so can you and your babas!

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