Keeping Winter Bedding Clean

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In my own definition of the phrase I am a "neat freak." I like things to go in their places. Dirty clothes in the dirty clothes basket, spoons in the spoon rack in the drawer not the fork side, towels always on the rack or linen cupboard, never on the floor. I also like things clean, which is why I can't use blankets all through winter without a wash. This is how to keep winter bedding clean.

I know, for my sanity I should become a selfish mum and ban all blankets in my house and opt for comforters, which are much easier to care for and keep clean. But a blanket has a sort of warmth and comfort that a comforter just doesn't.

Keeping Your Comforter Clean:

Nothing changes in my comforter care regime as the seasons change. I wash the cover (not the inner) every week when I wash sheets and pillowcases. Comforter covers are as light as sheets so they aren't a problem to dry. I make it a point to check and and clean all the inners prior winter so I can wash those that need it during the warmer months. Martha Stewart also recommends that we wash our comforter covers weekly.

Keeping Your Blankets Clean:

Thoughts of blanket cleaning reminds me of the days spent at Ma Zane's house as a child. She would wake up early and go down to the river and wash her blankets and by the time we woke up the rocks behind the house (the best sun spot) would be covered in blankets.

My number one advice before you even consider buying blankets is that you budget for spares. The blankets at my house rotate in winter. I wash them on a biweekly basis and they take two to three days to dry completely. So while I wait for the other blankets to dry, we use the spare ones, which I'll wash and then we'll use the now dry ones. Can be a dizzying cycle if you take your eye off of the ball.

I use the same fabric softener I use on our clothes, for the fragrance. I am a nostalgic person by nature so the idea of something smelling like home is very attractive to me. The softener also serve the purpose of making the blankets soft and comfy. Next Mother's day I think I was a winter dry cleaners' voucher...

Do you have any winter bedding tricks? Please share them in the comments section.




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