Kids’ Bedrooms

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All my children started out in a crib at the foot of our bed, all of them. After they spent the time from the age of one year and a half to three-years in bare, almost empty bedrooms. I was one of those young mothers who are paranoid about safety, so instead of being constantly worried, the babies bedrooms consisted of mainly a their cribs, high dresser a rocking chair and a book shelf. Here is a helpful guide to childproofing your child's bedroom, read on for kids' bedrooms decor ideas and essentials.

A long while back I wrote on my youngest's room makeover -- it was the most intensive project any of the children and I have ever done together. I remember thinking to myself "it wasn't this hard when his brother and sister redid  their bedrooms." Millennials.

Essential 1

The Bed

That's where all of my room redesign projects have always started. Whether we were doing a prince theme (my oldest son) or a peach room, the bed was always the starting point. That's what the bedroom is about, the bed is the most important part of any makeover. Sealy have a wide selection of beds, all with their own benefits. I prefer the Sealy Posturepedic range.

Essential 2

Colour Scheme

The colour palette of the bedding, bed accessories, rugs and curtains is what will help carry whatever them your child chooses. Bed spreads and a coat of paint are much more affordable than getting in architects to alter your home's structure so your child's room will look like a landing pad with an airplane replica for a bed -- though the latter sounds beautiful.

Essential 3

The arrangement

In most families children share rooms -- my two oldest shared until they were four and five and we moved to a new, more spacious house.  The most important aspect of sharing is that each child feels respected, that they feel that the space is both theirs to share. Ownership helps each child take responsibility for keeping the space clean.

Do your children share a bedroom? Did you share one as a child? How is/was the arrangement?

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