How sleep helps your digestive system

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It is one of those days where fatty foods have taken over your mind and are keeping you from completing any task until their demands are met. You obey their call, but after devouring a Big Mac for lunch, you're hit by an head-bobbing afternoon slump. The kind you pray nobody is filming on their smart phone. The fatty foods' promise of renewed energy and focus was NOT fulfilled and you find yourself counting the minutes until you can find a socially-appropriate spot to snooze.

Poor sleep and fatty foods are friends. It goes like this: Go to sleep late, wake up early and you will crave oily food all day.

Sleep impacts our tummies in a big way! Sleep badly and your digestive system rebels...

Each person's tummy has its own way of letting its owner know that it is unhappy with the amount of sleep it got. Some will face nausea, others insatiable hunger. Some will be plagued by diarhhoea, whilst others will face constipation. Cramps, bloating and flatulence are all a sign that you did not give your body the time it needed to digest your food properly to absorb life-giving nutrients and expel its accumulated toxins.

Whilst over-the-counter remedies can mask the symptoms, there's unfortunately only one long-term solution: Good sleep, most nights.

Abuse your need for sleep for too long and your digestive system will rebel further. You will likely suffer from heartburn, ulcers, weight-gain and poor immune system function.
Get the sleep you need and you will be more likely to maintain a healthy weight, make good food and exercise choices, have a trim middle and conquer the world.

Sleep Tight Now!

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