Let’s Talk About Making Your Bedroom Sleep Friendly

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Beautiful clutter-free bedroom. I'd find it hard to sleep in here during the day.

For many people sleep is a luxury, one some, unfortunately, rarely give the attention it deserves. Often young people have parties to attend or tests to cram for; older people have work and bills to worry about. A friend's son recently said "I wish I had time to sleep. Bt I don't. I give it six hours each day and if it doesn't happen, too bad." This inspired me to put this column together. For those of you who don't have many hours in your days dedicated to sleep. This is a post about making your your bedroom sleep-friendly.

We all know that sleep patterns and body clock contribute a great deal toward one's seep. They are part of the reason you may be staying up, tossing and turning in bed and not finding sleep. But the other culprit is certainly your bedroom -- it may be filled with triggers keeping your awake.

If the following re true of your bedroom then this post is for you:

1. It takes you more than an hour and a half to fall alseep.

2. You can often be found in bed doing something other than sleeping or having sex.

3. Your bedroom is not detached for the rest of the world.

None of these are good. It's great to feel like you're entering a new realm where peace and quiet rule when you go into your bedroom. These are some tips that will go a long way in making your bedroom sleep-friendly.

1. Declutter

All you really need in a bedroom is a sturdy, quality bed. The other furniture is excess. This and this are our guides for buying the perfect (preferably Sealy) bed and trust me, if your bed is older than five years then you should start shopping now. Having a good mattress is the key to good sleep; according to a sleep information source:  "research has shown that sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could rob you of up to an hour’s sleep a night"

2. Dim The Lights

Make sure that the lighting in the bedroom is conducive to sleep as the brain mostly takes signals from light and darkness on when it should sleep and when it should wake. If you work nights and sleep during the day then I would recommend investing in thick curtains and a sleep mask.

3. Check the Noise

This is what I was referring to when talking making your bedroom feel like another dimension. Turn off the shut your door and windows to shut out external noise, DON'T bring a television into the room and try to shut off your mind. Ambient noises like the sound of a river, birds or soothing music are recommended if you find it hard to relax.

4. Regulate Temperature

Keep your room's temperature cool. You'll find it hard to fall asleep and stay asleep if your room is too hot or too cold.

5.  Leave The World Out

If you are to succeed in your pursuit of a good night's sleep then you need to ensure that our cellphone and computer are turned off.

Do you have any tips on making your bedroom sleep-friendly? Please share in the comments.

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