Licensed to fly

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My mum and I are as different as two people can be. She's an academic all about family and roots. I'm a gypsy at heart and a traveler in real life. I get bored in routine -- this means, hair, places, food, basically everything -- she strives on it. That's who I have grown into, but I don't think I would be as comfortable making all these changes without her.

It's really easy to act brave and free-spirited when you have a true back up plan. My mother's been more than that for me, she's -- as cheesy as it sounds -- my star guiding me home. And the fact that home never changes. The fact that she's never left me hanging, that's how I know it's okay to be my true self.

She has said to me that I'm her window to the world and to life. That she doesn't regret her decisions nor does she wish to be any different, because I am. That's how I feel. One day I might choose to settle down, choose a favourite colour... And I'll know it's okay because my mum had one.

Most mothers want to raise carbon copies of themselves, they want both their chromosomes and views of the world to live forever through their children, not mine.

This reminds me of an inscription in a book she gave me.

This is how I am able to buy a ticket and fly into the unknown without much thought -- give me traveling papers and a map. I know that no matter how much the world changes, she will always love me. She will always pick up the phone on the third ring or get back to me as soon as she can.

She will look at my bad decision -- hair and everything -- and point out where I messed up. I know that she'll then hug me and say "we'll make it better." I'm daddy's girl. But my mother is my best friend in the whole world.

So for sticking it out through my birth, holding my hand that first day of school, smiling about my pixie haircut when I was 14 and mending my heart through a few heartbreaks and for all the Sealy beds she's bought for me -- including my current one.

More than anything, I would love to thank my mother for always being my soft place to land. This gave me the license to fly. The freedom to be the best version of myself.

Happy Mother's Day mum.

And a happy Mother's Day Week to you all.

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