Could light-emitting glasses help you reach peak performance?

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The latest in sleep technology weighs only 75 grams and is fully transportable and rechargable. The Re-Timer glasses emit a blue-green light that is reported to fight fatigue.

The glasses were designed in Australia and have been introduced to the world by Sports Scientist, Dr Craig Duncan . The aim of the light therapy technology is to suppress the production of sleep-inducing melatonin — the hormone that gets us ready for sleep.

The benefits of the glasses sound rather fantastic-

  1. they allow you to control the time that you feel tired
  2. they assist you to fall asleep faster and promote peak performace when you wake up
  3. they allow you to align your body rhythm to whatever time zone you may find yourself working or playing in.

Indeed, they sound just like the a magic sleep wand! Do you feel tempted to give them a try?

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