Like it or not, Winter is coming

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If the sudden chill in the air has you dreading the next few months, then read on for a few reasons to get excited.

Winter is meant for hibernating. Of this I am sure. Somehow, however, we are lumped with a calendar that has no extra sleep on the schedule and an alarm clock that is set to ring at the same time it goes off in warmer months. This sucks. For whilst our body, heart and soul says "snuggle in", our brain says "get up and get moving." It's a constant struggle against biology.

I, for one, dread sitting on a freezing toilet seat thinking "Is this seat wet or just super cold?" I fear struggling to bend my fingers around an icy steering wheel as I struggle to see out any window in my car. I hate turning off the shower to be hit by a wall of 'it's still cold!' air. I do not like layering clothing. It is a very good morning when all my V-necks and cuffs line up and my under layers do not stick out of my actual clothing. Wet boots are the pits. Ditto for running shoes that cannot be worn. Dripping noses. Flu. The flu vaccine...

STOP. RIGHT. THERE. This has become a negative spiral.

There is a far brighter side to Winter. One which I hope you will join me in relishing. Here it goes... A hot bath followed by snuggly pyjamas, socks and slippers. Chicken soup with oven toasted bread with a dollop of butter melting amazingly. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Whether it's a hot chocolate to drink or a hot chocolate sauce... bring it on. Heater blankets. This clever invention warms your bed (saving the environment) and prevents the dreaded Winter phenomenon - Partner With Cold Feet Seeks Warm Body For Solace. Beautiful scarves, mittens and gloves that make any outfit warmer and fabulous. A glass of red wine by the fire place. Warm milk with honey before going to bed where you can snuggle without any sweat factor.


Have any Winter warmers you wish to add? Let us know how you make it through.





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