Little Things That Can Make You Happier

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I'm always interested in learning what other people do in order to feel happier and to be happier. The short term things that improve your mood like exercise or lift your spirits like a simple act of kindness does.Today's post is a combination of my favourite mood-boosting past times and that of many of my closest friends. After all, sharing is caring.

1. Take a nap

When I was young (between the ages of three and 15) my grand mother always said what seemed like a tragedy or a horror -- I was quite the Drama Queen -- would always look better on the other side of a quiet power nap. I can attest to this even today, a short power nap on my Sealy bed always rejuvenates my mind and body and leaves me feeling like a I could conquer a mountain or whatever problem at hand.

2. Bake

My best friend and I share this relaxation method. I don't know if it's the kneading or the turning a few ingredients into something delicious but a session of baking always makes me happy. I think what makes me happier about it is that I don't even like confectionery goodies.

3. Go for a walk

Walks are great if you need to calm down or think things through. They are also a great way to exercise and release happy hormones. Instead of sitting around and stressing about something just go for a quick walk or jog and even if you don't come back with a solution, you'll feel better.

4. Love language

If your love language is touch, a cuddle with your partner will do wonders for your mood. It's beautiful when your needs are being met in your relationship. For those people whose love language requires understanding it's great coming home and having a bot of a rant while knowing their partner is listening. Give this gift to your partner as well if they're having a difficult time.

5. Act happy

Sing a happy tune, watch a happy movie or visit a happy memory. Sometimes your brain can be slow and if you nudge it along with happy thoughts it might catch up. The more we wallow the sadder we feel.

What are your top five ways to lift your mood, spirits and to feel happier? Please share with us in the comments section

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