Loadshedding – getting you to bed earlier

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Eskom... ooooh eh eh. Everyone is talking about them, but they are not saying anything nice. You know it is bad when none of your friends will lend you money anymore. Yes, I think that the ANC and Eskom big wigs hang out on weekends... and that if you know someone who knows someone you probably get to keep your lights on... for security reasons... of course.

Okay so whilst Eskom may have been un-friended by most South Africans, there have been a few unanticipated positive spin-offs from this national energy supply disaster. While the economy seems to be nose-diving and the traffic piling up, there have also been SAFAs everywhere who have been forced to get into some good habits.

Here is the "what's good about loadshedding" list.

Feel free to add.

  1. Families are forced to play outside the house where it is still light which means that more fathers are playing with their kids than ever before.
  2. And you can hear the laughter from the streets.
  3. Candles are being lit, albeit for practical reasons, and so romance is being reintroduced into many derelict marriages. Romance is directly proportionate to love-making. Let's just say 2016 may see a baby boom. We all love babies, right?
  4. Teenagers can't watch TV. Hello board games. Goodbye screen time. Their chance of developing a vocabulary just sky rocketed.
  5. Curly hair has had to make a come back.
  6. As has cuddling... to keep warm of course. Yes, that means more love-making which leads to better immune system function. Less sniffles means less sick days... and they say loadshedding is bad for the economy?
  7. We are all saving money every time they turn the power off.
  8. We are forced to explore greener energy. Suddenly gas and solar seem like an obvious choice.
  9. Kids are going to sleep earlier as their circadian rhythms are finally established and there is less TV to watch. Yes, that's more loving time once again.
  10. There are actually less grumpy people out there as we are all going to bed earlier and getting the rest we need! And more love-making of course.

*Please note that Sealy supports responsible love-making only. Be safe!

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