Long Weekend And School Holiday Plans

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I have been planning and running around with my children's friend's parents trying to organise schedules and timetables of activities to keep them busy. My youngest child's life is the one that needs a bit more organising when compared to those of his older siblings. Not only are we heading toward one of the longest weekends of the year but they're breaking for the first term.

My older ones have their holidays mapped out and planed: my daughter is going to dance camp next week Tuesday for a week and my oldest is going to be studying wwith his group at the local library during school hours -- with a few sports breaks. They're covered. All I've had to do was ensure that either hubby or myself are available to take them to these activities -- or organise lifts from their friend's parents. It's during mad-dash times like these that I understand what exactly the proverb "it takes a village to raise a child"  truly means.

With my least fussy customers catered to, all packed up and ready to go to their different camps after the family weekend I have turned my attention back to my youngest. Forget what you know about Halloween, in my circle of friends it's Easter where the children load up on sugar.

The neighbourhood parents' association (of which I am events chairperson) has arranged a neighbourhood-wide Easter egg hunt -- as it has become tradition in the last 10 years. The Hunt will run from 11AM to 3PM on Monday at the park with a braai later planned for later that afternoon. These are often the best times in the neighbourhood. They help us all to build community ties and give the children and parents alike time to bond.

On the Wednesday after the Easter egg hunt and braai my youngest's soccer "camp" starts, which thankfully is local and the coach has organised for the kids to pool transport.

Yes, I will be cooking more meals, -- for when the soccer boys come over after their day camp --  washing a lot of dirty soccer kits, making brain power snacks for my matriculant and obsessively checking my email to see if my daughter has phoned from her dance camp.

What are your plans for the long weekend and school holidays?



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