Luxury Travel Trends for 2012

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Hi Jetsetters!

If you remember well, I vowed to be good and save any and all extra money that came my way in order to holiday decently very soon. I spent a blissful week during the northern hemisphere summer enjoying the mediterranean waters and sunshine. For the first time in years I don't crave a northern hemisphere Christmas and New Year, I need sun. Enough about my need for a luxurious holiday in the sun, a while ago Forbes published a list of luxury travel trends for 2012; highlighted herein are my favourites.

1. My parents, especially my mother are my favourite people in the entire world and sometimes I feel that just sending them emails from holidays and then coming home and showing them photographs as well as explaining in explicit detail how my holiday went is not enough. So when I read that according to travel trends trackers and top hotel brands that "People are traveling more, often for longer periods of time, with extended families, friends, and children." I squealed my joy for them and hoped that one day my family and I would hop on that trend.

2. The rich and fabulous want active holidays. They don't want to get to their destinations and vege on sofas or pool decks. They want to go biking, mountain climbing and trail-walking.

3. on their luxurious holidays, people are seeking out what's new and hasn't been done -- much. Though the usual destinations like London, Paris, Rome -- and I've included Cape Town -- are still in style and will remain so, luxurious travelers want the new. If I had the means, I'd book a a day trip to Necker Island just to have a go at Sir Richard Branson's small submarine.

4. Holidayers from Brazil and China are increasingly taking their luxury breaks in the USA; this move is believed to a result of the new brand USA campaign by U.S travel and tourism. I hope the latest campaign by SA tourism "It's Here" one day yields the same domestic and international results for our tourism industry.

5. Travelers want to learn to cook while they're on holiday, to remind them of their time at their holiday destination. I must say, this sounds like a wonderful souvenir.

For more luxury travel trends 2012 go here.

If money wasn't an issue, where would you have your luxury holiday?

Happy Jetsetting!

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