Making mother’s day

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I know I'm quite early posting about Mothers' day as it's about two weeks away, but I want to give you a bit of a head start in implementing the ideas I'll be suggesting. In my home, as with every other special day we try to give a bit more than the standard and with my special days: birthday, the anniversary of one divorce and mother's day. The children -- and friends on divorce day -- organise gifts and activities that have lasting value.

When this divorce I celebrate every year was settled I ended up with truckload of my ex's suits and his golf clubs, so when the anniversary rolls by my best friends present me with a person or people who are in need of a designer suit and I give them one. This has been a cathartic experience for me and I'm almost through all the suits.

For mother's day or on my birthday the tradition has been that the kids make me things or do activities that I care about. If we're not working in the garden they make me a scrapbook or pool their money to buy me one gift they think I simply must have!

Organise her recipes or love letters and postcards.

So if packing up her excess clothes -- designer or otherwise -- is not you mother's idea of a great gift then don't do it. Try some of these ideas instead:

Depending on you gardening knowledge and how much your mother/wife lovers her garden approach this next idea with caution.

Give her some muscle in the garden and help her tackle a project she's been putting off. Buy pot plants or her favourite flowers and plant them around the garden. In the above picture car tyres are used as plant pots.

You can never go wrong with a beautiful photograph that symbolises your relationship with the mother in your life.

A photograph from your childhood will also go a long way because a lot of dotting mothers take some many photographs of their children they forget about some, but the trip down memory lane when they see a forgotten photo is always worthy. Here are some cute photographs that'll bring joy to any mother:


A mother's biggest fear -- along with seeing her child hurt, unhappy or fail -- is that the child she love so much doesn't listen to anything she says. This next idea will show your mum that you listen to her. Get her favorite advice -- philosophical or an inside joke -- made into something special.

If you know that your mother is a traditional gal that likes traditional gifts then maybe some bath salts and towels are in order. I must admit that nothing beats being served breakfast in my Sealy bed.

An even better giving idea would be donating a toiletry hamper to a local school for orphans or to a rape crises centre close to you.

I hope I have sparked your creative juices to make this mother's day a great one.

A special thanks to the lovely people over on Pinterest for the beautiful images.

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