Managing Your E-Waste

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The growth in technology of the last couple of decades has meant a great deal of progress and moving forward. Technological advancements have helped big multi-national, multi-billion dollar corporations run as nearly completely paperless entities; technology has shrunk the world into a tiny global village and has made most of us global citizens. With the ever-changing and developing world of technology comes a downside.

E-waste is defined as "anything that runs on electricity." This means everything from your cell phone and toaster light bulbs and batteries. What happens to all our out-of-date gadgets? There tons of e-wasted generated yearly by households and companies -- think about it: what happened to our first cell phone, your last floppy disc and the the first battery operated toy you ever bought your child? If you answer is that you put them out along with your regular weekly rubbish each time you had to get rid of something then it's fair to believe that it's probably still on a landfill somewhere. Not only that but "when these products are placed in landfills or incinerated, they pose health risks due to the hazardous materials they contain."

What Is the Best way to get rid of e-waste?

The best way to curb your home e-waste or mitigate its effects on the environment is to reuse or recycle the. Electronics should NOT be disposed of with regular garbage. Monitors and televisions make up 40% of all lead and 70% of all heavy metals found in landfills .

1. As I always say the best way to curb waste is to pay it forward; if your computer or television are still in working order then donate them.

2. Pick 'n Pay takes used batteries and CLFs bulbs (energy-saving bulbs)

3. This is a list of companies that recycle e-waste in Eastern CapeGauteng, KZN, and Western Cape.

4. Ask yourself the next time you upgrade o the latest gadget if you really need it and if it'll be and improvement to your current one.

How have you been curbing your e-waste?


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