Mariah Carey – Diva or Sleeping Beauty?

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Last week we looked at J-Lo's sleeping habits and this week we turn our attention to a songstress renowned for hitting the highest notes. Mariah Carey has sung her way through three decades of fame, won 5 Grammies and had 18 no. 1 singles since 1990.

Her secret to success? Protecting her voice before live performances.

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Mariah Carey told Interview magazine in 2007: "I've got to sleep 15 hours a night to sing the way I want". She went on to say that she uses 20 humidifiers to make her bedroom a virtual steam room to boost the quality of her voice. But that's not the end of this Princess' quirks. Earlier this year, she went on to say that she goes to sleep at 7am and rarely wakes before 5pm. Its her own 'sleep universe' that she has created to suit herself, although, its uncertain how she manages this around her family responsibilities.

Like J-Lo, Mariah is a mom to twins, daughter Monroe and son Moroccan Scott (now four years old), and has faced her fair share of ups and downs.

mariah kids bed copyIn 1997, she divorced her first husband, Sony music mogul Tommy Motolla. Ten years later, she went on to marry actor, Nick Cannon, who she describes as her soul mate. She has faced critics on many occasions - as her albums and films have either gone platinum or hit rock bottom.

mariah-carey-nick-cannon-marriage-01As elaborate as her sleep habits, Mariah's weddings have been Diva-licious. For her first wedding she wore a Vera Wang dress with a 27 foot train (that required 6 women to lift it) and enlisted 47 flower girls! Her second wedding may have been an impromptu ceremony that took place at her estate in the Bahamas, but Mariah relives her Disney Princess dreams by visiting Disney Land annually to renew her vows.

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