Meat-Free Monday Recipe

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Mouth-watering: samp, coleslaw, chakalaka and spinach

Today as it the last meat-free Monday of Black History month I thought I’d mix things up and bring you the recipe I mentioned at the beginning of Black History month. Sometime last week when my kids convinced me to make a soul food dinner I emailed a friend in the US and she sent me a healthy recipe for macaroni and cheese as well as baked chicken that tastes like fried chicken – that was the tastiest whole-wheat pasta I’ve  had in months!

                                                   Morogo and Isigwaqane

What you’ll need:


  1. Spinach (green and leafy is better)
  2. One onion (chopped finely)
  3. Six tablespoons of cooking oil
  4. Cooked sugar beans (boiled and seasoned still in its own gravy)
  5.  Mealie Meal
  6. Two Vegetable stock cubes
  7. Salt and pepper
  8. Two large tomatoes (optional)
  1. Half an onion chopped
  2. One and a half tomatoes diced
  3. Three tablespoons of vinegar
  4. Three chillies


How it is made:

 Morogo (Spinach)

Preheat your stove to high. Warm four tablespoons of cooking oil in a pan, add the onion and your tomatoes if you prefer them and sauté for two minutes. Add your preferred herbs and spices or just the basic salt and pepper.

Chop the spinach finely and add it to the browned onions and mix vigorously.

Add vegetable stock cube, turn down the heat to medium and cook for 10 to 15 minutes

Taste for texture; some people prefer a well-cocked texture while other like a bit of crisp to their spinach.

 Isigwaqane: (Makes me think of the click song by Sis Miriam Makeba)

Pour the cooked beans and the gravy into your pap pot and add two cups of boiling water. Drop in you vegetable stock and pour the remaining two tablespoons of cooking oil and stir. When the mixture starts bubbling add mealie meal – start off with two cups and mix with a wooden pap rod. The amount of mealie meal you should add also depends on your preferred texture. If you prefer soft pap add the first two cups of mealie meal and mix together. If the texture is still a bit runny add another cup.

I personally prefer fine Zulu pap (uphuthu) so I always start at four mealie meal cups and work from there.  This should cock for 20 to 30 minutes; keep a close eye on the heat.

Side: Shatini (salsa)

Chop half an onion and one and a half tomatoes, chop a couple of chillies and mix in a bowl, add a few drops of vinegar and chill.

Most of the ingredients can be self-grown and are all planet Earth considerate

Serve, enjoy and get merry!

I hope you had a great Black History/Love month.

*images via samp and shatini image (the kids told me photograph the food, I'm just not there yet.)

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