Miley’s New Look Has Me Thinking: Pet Training

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One of my teenage-hood friends has grown up quite a bit in these last few months. You guessed it, I'm talking about Miley Hanna Montana Cyrus! She chopped off her hair into a sassy bob and bleached it. She overhauled her sweet, 19-year old up town girl closet in favour of one that is as grunge as the short hair strands on her hair. She's been sported wearing cut-off shorts and Doc Martens, skinny jeans and creepers. The first look pictures came from the star herself via her Twitter account but as she kept sending more pictures, the internet couldn't help noticing how messy her home was! Yes, that picture above is of Miley in her home.

When I was younger I always wanted new pets, from turtles to a snow white cat to parrots but my mother constantly said no. I had a dog at my grandparents' house so I never fussed or tried to prove that I truly could be responsible. I just thought I'd show her when I grew up and became a veterinary; then I tunred 10 and the fashion bug took over.

Miley on the other hand has five dogs! I'm not judging her for not being able to always keep them under control, I'm an averagely busy student and my place sometimes looks worse than that. But pet training experts and people who've had furry friends say that this is a sign of pampered and untrained pooches all of which can be fixed.

One person wrote on a message board that there was hope for Miley's home and the furry Cyrus five if:

"The first thing I’d do is tear out all that carpet and install some dog-friendly hard surface flooring in there. Next thing is everybody goes to obedience school! Including the humans. The people, who should be the pack leaders, have to be on the same page as the dogs. Everyone needs to be consistent, and everyone needs to know what to expect. After getting rid of the carpet, I’d get down on my hands and knees, and look at everything in the house from a dog’s point of view. What looks attractively chewable? What looks dangerous? And I’d install some kind of shoe cabinet in there, and use it. Also, cover all wastebaskets and trash cans. Or pay the price in a mess"

All I can say is Miley, girl, keep your designer shoes out of reach of the dogs and take them to training; be a good mommy.

What pet did you want when you were younger?


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