Monday Vegetarians

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At the beginning of this month the Late Bloomer posted about vegetarian day  and all the different types of vegetarians, you can click here to read her post. It reminded me about something my son raised just after we'd started treating every Monday as meat-free. He asked why we didn't just go the whole way and be vegetarians for each Monday; "it's only day out of seven," he'd said. In retrospect, he might have been joking but I took the idea and ran with it. As you might have guessed hubby and I discussed it a lot in the days that followed and by the next Monday we were Monday lacto-vegetarians. This means that instead of just the usual not consuming meat, we'd do our best to stick to a vegetarian diet (that included milk) for that 24 hours.

Some days have been more successful than others. It's been fun trying put recipes and combinations to keep vegetarian Mondays fun. This is usually how our meals go:


Multi-grain or all bra cereal, nuts and milk. On other days, especially weekends and holiday I like to make cooked breakfast that incorporate  fibre, protein and calcium; on Mondays this is how we get it.


For my youngest I pack his favourite, a peanut butter  sandwich and fruit juice. For my oldest and hubby I usually make a pasta dish to take them through the day without any hunger sneaking up on them. My daughter eats at her school's canteen where they provide meat-free options ranging from refreshing salads, vegetable soups and bread to pastas and wraps.


This is usually where all the things I learnt from ma Zane from the time I was a curious kid to now come to play. I cook a lot of grains, beans and vegetables. From her famous (and infamous with my mother) spinach, liver and cream salad dressing (without the livers) to her four beans soup and bread. When I feel like keeping the last meal of the day I do a tomato soup or a heavy salad (think baby tomatoes, spinach, avo, and a fresh lemon and herb dressing.) Then on some Mondays we make a margherita pizza.


This is one thing that stays the same through out the week. I provide my family with fruits, nuts, dried fruit and whole-grain crackers and peanut butter and lots of water. I hope that this is what they snack on exclusively... Sigh.Who am I kidding?

These kinds of lifestyle changes aren't always easy or smooth to transition into, but they are always worth it. Some Mondays we fail but we always pick it up the next Monday and try again.


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