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I have always been surrounded by women my whole life. Women who guided me and made me who I am today. The time I was most grateful that my life was filled with women was when I started my period. Moontime  was always a bittersweet experience for me. I got tired physically and mentally. The women in my life understood and always gave me space for the first five days, which was greatly appreciated.

These are some remedies and tricks I picked up along the way, which have stayed with me and made the changes that were going on on in my body easier to deal with.

Eat and eat right

I know that most of us like to indulge our unhealthy cravings during this time; some don't eat at all because they don't have appetite or are feeling nauseous. Eat healthy mood-enhancing foods like watermelon, avocado and foods that are rich in omega 3 as well as iron. Dark chocolate is also on of the best mood enhancers and it's also very healthy.

Pamper Party

Nothing improves my mood like a long hot bath does, it's also good for cramps as the hot water soothes your muscles. Don't stop your party there, light a lavender candle or two, have a cup of herbal tea while in the bath. After you're done bathing paint your nails and have an early night in on your Sealy bed with your hot water bottle.

Take a pill

I'm usually one for natural rememdy methods but I also know how severe menstrual cramps can get. Go to your local chemist and find out what the best pain killers (that will stop pain without giving you extra problems) are and take them as indicted on pack or as you need them. Dietary supplements of iron and magnesium are also a good idea.

Core exercises

I discovered core exercises like yoga and pilates very late in my life but they've done wonders for me. Exercise in general is great for your body and releases those happy hormones we all love.

Regular Check ups

A regular visit to your gynecologist is a great way to ensure that you stay healthy. They are also able to suggest permanent medical solutions if your moontime experience is too severe.

What do you do to make your moontime easier?


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