Morning Hit List – what to do when you just didn’t get enough sleep

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So you missed out on a good night's sleep, or shall we say even a little good sleep. Maybe you stayed out making some memories, or perhaps you were grafting to meet that work deadline (what's with that word anyway?) or perhaps you had the grueling task of remaining caring and attentive to a sick loved one through the wee hours... whatever went wrong or oh-so-right you need a Morning Hit List.

Here is what the Sealy Sleep Expert suggests you do to get going and keep going until the sun sets once more.

1. A shower - This is your first port of call and the cooler the better. It jump starts both your circulation and wakes up your sensory cortex gives you the best chance of staying out of bed. Need something more? Try a shower gel with an alerting scent like peppermint or citrus and a name like 'Invigoration' or 'Energy Bomb'.  Avoid bathing, you're likely to fall asleep.

2. A strong cup of tea or coffee - today is a day to lean into caffeine and break the morning fog to help you see some light ahead. It will give you up to a six hour stretch to get your key tasks completed- but this temporary high will wear off so you need to be on the look-out for a pit stop.

3. A pit stop- Find a socially appropriate, non-career killing spot to grab a power nap. Ten minutes is good enough, 45 minutes and you are set to be productive again for another 3-4 hours.

4. A nutritious drink/meal! Choose complex carbs plus vitamin and mineral packed fruit/veg plus protein, protein, protein to curb your desire for a greasy burger and stabilise both your blood sugar and hormones. Your lack of sleep has given your body the chance to release an attack of fat-promoting hormones like grehlin and leptin whose responsibility it is to get you to consume as many calories as possible. But eating junk food and grease bombs will only make both your tummy and head feel heavier than before.

5. An early night- whilst you cannot erase your sleep debt, you can minimise the aftermath by getting into bed as soon as the sun sets. Befriending the earth's rhythms and seasons is the best way to ensure you sleep well and end up healthy, wealthy and wise.


Night, night!!

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