Mother Takes a Day Off

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Ever since we first got married hubby has always insisted that I take a "day off" at least once a month. A me-time kind of day where I get out of the house, go to brunch or the spa, go to the movies -- without worrying about him, the kids or anything else. And bring back a bag full of glossy magazines and nail polish. Often times my day off coincided with a big sporting event for which I'm always grateful because I realised within the first few months of dating my wonderful man that I could never cope with his sports thing...

Since coming from the festive season I've been feeling good and quite busy, which is why I haven't taken any of my "day with the girls" few hours leave from my family. I wasn't planning on taking any until we were all available to do a gorgeous Friday night on the dorp.

Then sometime last week I got a bad cold. One I couldn't drag along around with me while I did my daily errands, house work. Don't get me wrong, I tried! I was stubborn and pulled the "I am your mother you can't tell me to sleep it off!" card. I Even tried canceling the doctor's appointment because I had to be a my son's soccer practice.

In the end my mother drove my son's to school, picked up the youngest from soccer and made me soup to eat before taking the meds I got from the doctor. For two days I got prolonged sessions with my Sealy bed, fluids and lots of love shouted through my bedroom door. The house ticked on just fine even thought I kept insisting it would crumble without me.

Sometimes the best me-time days are the unplanned ones -- the ones we can't control. Nothing beats the tender attention from my husband and children and my mother's chicken soup.

These last few days taught me something I took for granted: I am important to my family. I also learnt that they pay attention to what I try to teach them, the lists and schedules tacked onto the fridge and how I like my tea.

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