Mother to a Belieber

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Yesterday my daughter woke up lamenting the fact that she lives in the beautiful Kwa Zulu Natal Midlands for the first time in her life. The concert tickets for one Justin Beiber's tour of South Africa went on sale yesterday.

Unfortunately because "the Biebs" will only be playing Johannesburg and Cape Town she is one Belieber who won't be there to see him. Attempting to go to an out of town concert would multiply the cost by quite a lot, which we're not prepared to pay. Even though she promised that we wouldn't have to buy her any gifts for the rest of her life and would only contribute to her improbable (her word) wedding only if we wished to do so.

I don't think we've done to bad as the parents of a superfan. She has all the CDs and the DVDs; both hubby and I have often picked up magazines with his (the Biebs) face or the words "Justin" or "Bieber." She was wearing a Believe promo shirt in one of he family portraits from this year!

As a person who hyperventilates at the mention of the words The Beach Boys, I absolutely understand how she feels. Sometimes it's difficult loving an artist, not to mention expensive! The family has agreed to make 12th May 2013 (the Jo'burg date) Bieber day for her. Bieber day might be in the Midlands it might not be. Sssh.

This is for all the Super fans out there.

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