Movie Night

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Autumn is finally making way for winter and has prompted my friends and I to get creative with our bi-monthly dinners. We've changed the gathering into movie night instead of just a a dinner party. This is a way of eliminating any instances of one of us planning an evening that'll actually feel like going out. I've been collecting some inspiration for when it's my turn to host movie night and this is what I've come up with. I hope you enjoy the ideas and that they give you throw a movie night of you own.

Before we go any further I'd really like to encourage anyone and everyone thinking of throwing a dinner party or movie night to use the internet and sources like Pinterest. They're your good friends when it comes to ideas and planning. As is this post.

To keep us warm in the back garden

1. Theme:

I always find that a theme is a great place to start, with anything! Mine will probably be determined by two things I love: thrillers and the '90s. We'll either be watching a thriller or dressed up like it's the '90s again to watch a thriller from the '90s or a great film with an amazing '90s soundtrack.

Your theme can be based on genre, movies based on books, remakes etc.


My two choices are to have it in my cottage's tiny living area, which will be great considering the season or have it outside by a fire. With my venue options being what they are I'm not planning on decorating.


All I really want this whole winter is butterbeer but seeing as we're not in Hogsmead it's something I'll have to miss out on. I'm planning on a typically American movie night menu: popcorn, sweets, hot dogs, spirits to warm up my guests and more snacks.

I'm planning on having fun with the invites and paper plates. All my friends are disappointed that we don't have a dinner night this week or the next, otherwise our first movie night would be a Gatsby throwback in hounour of the new film.

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Who's going to see the new Great Gatsby this weekend?

Cheers to the weekend.

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