Music videos I’d move into

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I love my music videos, they’re like a short note the artist sends to their fans to tell the story more – there are people who get audio and get lyrics the first time around and there are people who need a short film to explain where the artist was at when they wrote the song... Beyoncé is known for shooting videos for every song on the CD, this tells me that she doesn’t view them as mere marketing but as another way to tell the story. The public’s need for elaboration on the story of a song is the reason Justin Bieber   is in the Guinness Book of records for the most popular video of any kind online, currently standing at a bit over 600-millionYouTube views. I love Rihanna, her music, style and evolution as an artist. What I have found myself loving even more than her red-head transition, are the bedrooms she features in her music videos.It all started with Take a bow, where her growth started to emerge; I wanted that bedroom to be my future Queen-dom.

She then moved on to What’s my Name?The Manhattan loft scenes may be kept to a minimum (mostly close-ups of RiRi’s singing face), but I could see myself in there. Living, loving and hosting. I have a serious thing for Manhattan, don’t tell Cape Town though – she gets really jealous.

California King Bed is all about the bedroom, the main star of the music video is the California King, majestic and elegant, the bed steals the show – it reminds me ofthe mornings spent trampoliningon my parents’ king size Sealy Posture Premier as a kid.

I have even found myself drawn to the beautifully Caribbean Man Down video, she walks around town, drinks fresh coconut juice and hugs the town’s old people. The bedroom would have made an awesome res room – I have a thing for motel looking rooms, and that one is by far the best I’ve seen.

Other music video bedrooms I’ve fallen in love with include Keri Hilson's  KnocksYou Down

and King B (Beyonce)’s Best Thing I never had video.


Some pop culture trivia: Did you know that MTV was launched on the 1st of August 1981?



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