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Hi there!

I recently received the most amazing gift from my boyfriend, an iPad Mini he got me while he was traveling. I love shoes and designer fragrances as much as the next girl does but a gadget is the best sure way to make me happy. Between my new toy and my Smartphone, this geek woman is quite happy...

1. Travel


[Free for iPhone, Android and Windows phone]

According to CNN travel this "Madrid-based start-up social app covers 24,000 destinations in about 200 countries (and counting). There are more than 100,000 mini-guides from travelers for free or at a small cost."

What I like about it is that it's home to guides that are compiled by ordinary people; travel lovers who want to share their experiences in a new place and plot a map for other people who might want to visit that place. It encompasses maps and reviews.

I'm yet to use it as a guide but I must say I've enjoyed using it to look up the places I want to visit soon.

I also use this World Clock - Time Zones app for iPhone and this awesome weather app. Sometimes I wake up in a strange city and I need to know what time it is or I need to make packing decisions.

2. Fashion


[Free for iPhone + iPad and Android]

I enjoy fashion, particularly how ordinary people like myself style certain trends or shun them. I enjoy street style and can be found asking old ladies in foreign town and young girls in my hometown mall where they got a specific piece.  Pose is the perfect allows me to do that from the comfort of my new toy, wherever in the world I may be.

I'm also looking for a few lifestyle (food, fitness, reading) apps to buckle up my new toy. Do you have any ideas or favourite apps you might recommend?

Happy Jetsetting!


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