My Current Favourites: March

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I want!

Hair picture found here

Guess who is all moved in – okay, as moved as I can be? Right the first time! Your favourite Pop Princess. The cottage is not yet quite what I foresee it being when I finally bring in all the items I have up on my inspiration board, that gorgeous Grafton Everest couch I'm still begging the parents to loan me. But more than anything, I don’t think I’ll be fully moved in until my beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirror makes its way to my new home.  It hit me when I was thinking about what to write this week, maybe I’ll start a favourite things series.

  • Cardigans 

I suspect the number one reason I am so in love with cardigans is my I was born too late syndrome in the form of Kurt Cobain and the legendary Nirvana. Most of my fashion influence and lust-haves come from nostalgia. There's a photograph of  seven-year-old me somewhere  wearing turned up jeans, my sisters shoes, a school shirt and my grandfather's over-sized cardigan.


The cardigan images live here and here.

What I am really in love with is the idea of Usher bringing the house down. It gives me goose flesh because it's not just a concert but rather a music festival featuring a few artist I'd like to see perform. I hope that everyone going there tomorrow has a blast.

  • Sheet-free living
The image lives here

I guess it's the whole new bed thing or new place thing but for the first few nights at the cottage I didn't have any sheets, I forgot to pack them and my sister's fitted sheets wouldn't fit. So for that duration all I had was a bare bed and at night I wrapped myself in my lovely quilt and courted sleep. Sshh... Don't tell my ma, she wouldn't approve.



There are great pictures (pictures so good they'll make you throw your point-and-shoot at a wall and stop taking pictures with your camera phone.) There is humour and quirky style. There are pictures of markets featuring people with quirky style... This is Glossary I speak of, take my word and check it out. Go on, click on the link.

This might or might not be a series, I went out on a limb with the belief that you care what I think, I mean I'm not Oprah or anything.



Christopher "B.I.G" Wallace

21 May 1972 - 09 March 1997

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