My Easter Weekend in Stages

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I had such a wonderful Easter weekend planned with the family, extended family and friends. I think that has to be my most favourite part of raising a family in the town I grew up in. There's a  feel of community — a family-like bond. I have great friends who play a big part in my life, especially on occasions like this one. So here is a highlight of my weekend. I'm just glad all these stages ended with a good night's sleep on my Sealy bed.

Stage One: The Reunion

Guess who made his way home? Yes! Hubby! The "he'll visit every fortnight" plan might have been a dismal failure — no it honestly was — which is why I am glad to finally have him home, no more indefinite business trips for him! So That's how we spent Thursday evening. It was family time and catch up time, the way he was acting you'd swear he hadn't seen or spoken to his kids in over a year, (yes, I married a good one.)


Stage Two: There Was a Nameless Boy

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On Friday morning we went to my parents to go to a service and then have an early lunch. I should have expected it, by early lunch my mother had meant to say all day feast. We ate, we drank and we talked.

Being the cool mum that I am — we just have a bigger garden with the best fire pit —  I hosted a marshmallows roasting hour, which ended up being two and a half hours.

On Saturday we had the neighbourhood braai, which we have on a bi-monthly basis. For the second time I saw a little boy I didn't recognise.  Beautiful smile and alternative clothing.  and I only found out this morning he'd come to visit his grandmother (for the first time since he was a baby) who lives right down the street from us.

Stage Three: Catch up Time

The house (and the neighbourhood) was very quiet for most of Sunday, the woman who is chair of he neighbourhood committee had organised an excursion for the kids 10-16-years old. And for the first time in a while (okay since the day before) I wasn't bothered by what she was up to. I had better things to do, like have a foot rub while listening to Old Blue Eyes over several glasses of merlot (I mean mother's medicine.)


Stage Four: Hold The Kids!

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For as long as I can remember, we've always had a neighbouourhood-wide  easter egg hunt. Monday was no different. We set the children loose at 12h00 and by 13h30 — like every year before — we found ourselves huddled on lawn chairs, watching he jumping children and regretting the sugar we'd just pumped into them. But it wouldn't be Easter in our neighbourhood without a hunt.

What did you get up to?

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