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My favourite cover of recent years

Happy Women's Month to all the South African readers and all the women in the world!

Every year when this time of the year comes around I think of all the women who fought then, the women who held households together while fathers were exiled, jailed or absent because of other reasons. Women who look beautiful as they come from housekeeping jobs, women who're articulate and intelligent even though they lack a formal education. Women, much like one of my blogger friend's mother who , to this day, pursue their education and career dreams.

Without any fail, when asked about women who inspire me I always speak of my mother and sister. I sometimes speak of my grade three teacher who had the kindest and most patient soul. I have even started counting the women of this blog as some of the people who inspire and motivate me to be a better woman. Seriously, I think that by the time I'm 30 I'll be a hybrid of all The Morning After women.

But today there's another very special woman I need to acknowledge. My friend Elle. I was 17 years old when I started reading Elle Magazine. Up until then I'd felt lost in the teen magazines category that tends to talk at its readers. For me, Elle has been an on-going conversation with a bunch of more experienced sisters. Most of the stories give me courage to be the best version of myself I can be. To be helpful and to always try to do better.

The fashion (obviously) forms a big part of the reason I have kept reading the magazine. When I first delved into the world of Elle (my sister bought me my first issue because on the cover there was something about "your true style".) Though I'd always worn what I wanted it wasn't until I paged through these pages that I realised that I could be myself. That it was possible and important for my journey.

This year marks 16 years since the magazine came to this part of the world and I have to say I'm glad it did. Happy 16th birthday to Elle and happy women's month to all the Sexy, Stylish and Spirited women out there.

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