My Little Winter Secret

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In all my years -- my mature yet few years -- the phrase I have heard more than any other where beauty in concerned is "you have to suffer for beauty." Hair, shoes, jeans that should fit you but don't (they really don't make them like they used to)  and on the list goes. Often I am willing to suffer gladly for some Italian shoes and some good Brazilian hair that has je ne sais quoi, but I will not go cold to look cute. Never! This is why my best winter accessory is not a purse straight off of a SOHO shelf but rather good old thermal underwear.

When I was young (er) my mum always bought me new spencers (those long-sleeved vests) to wear under my school uniform, the lower the temperatures went the warmer my under vests got. When it got really cold she brought out reinforcements -- spencer bottoms to wear under my school pants.

That's how I survive winters in Frankfurt, New York and my very own Johannesburg. It keeps the harsh old at bay and insulates my cold-fearing body. The best thing about it (this is also how I will start a future -- very distant future -- post about why Spanx are the best thing since portable resistance bands) is that it offers layering and warmth without the bulk because it's made to be form-fitting.

Here are three of my favourite benfits of the longies and listed on this article:

1. Temperature control: With winters that leave room temperature at below freezing point, thermal is the way to go. It traps all warmth and you become your own human heat source.

2. Lightweight: this clothing is light both when you are wearing it but I especially love that it's light to pack.

3. No perspiring: This is made up of a lot of reasons (and benefits) because thermal underwear is lightweight and does not bulk when layered it reduces chances of sweating. Regardless of how cold it is, nobody wants to walk around in public looking like they've just stepped out of a Mediterranean sauna.

The hit list:

I'm going to buy these tights in truck loads to wear with pretty dresses and skirts.

I am long overdue for new pyjamas.

And of course some general underwear to wear under my daily clothes.


Happy jetsetting and stay warm!






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