My Office Essentials For A/W

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I almost always start each post by asking myself if anyone truly cares about what I'm about to post, thankfully most of my posts are brought on by questions that I have bee asked already, which means at least one person cares --I hope.

I received an SMS from a family friend's young daughter whose currently life goal is to be the CEO of Barbie world and to make all kinds of Barbies that play soccer, like to climb tree and go fishing even though it makes them sick in the boat. She was wondering if CEOs are allowed to wear their rain boots when it's rainy. The answer is that what members of any corporate are allowed to wear to the office depends solely on organisational culture more than anything. I think people at Virgin would be allowed to wear their comfy sweaters in the winter while some organisations insist on a strict work dress code.

There are a few of my yearly office essentials for when the cold seasons rolls by:

1. Good Shoes

Sometimes (especially during wet autumn) my "good shoes" are just shoes I don't mind getting wet.

2. Coats

3. Gloves

Gloves always make the travel between meetings worth it.

4. A good suit

Fit is everything when it comes to suits.

5. Coffee

If I could I would move my office into a coffee house that occasionally serves soup for the duration of winter.

Special mention goes to the perfect pair of tights and lip balm. I never miss a step with these.

What are you essentials for autumn and winter?

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