My Summer Holiday Destination

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With my brilliant saving plan, in the form of this series of posts, in full swing I've started thinking about what I'll do with all the money I save. I found these images somewhere on the internet a few months ago. I can't remember where I found them but they've been haunting me, which is why I decided to go to Brazil for my summer holiday. I could be wrong, but this looks like South America.

Call me wacky, but I think it's best to visit Brazil now before the 2014 soccer ad 2016 Olympics change everything, raises the prices and makes the country a touristy place.

What to Pack 

1. Rain coat;

It's going to be summer and summer rain is inevitable. Though I don't see myself walking around with a raincoat in my bag, I must have one of those beautiful and elegant floral ones.

2. Good Sandals;

I'm a stiletto girl. I love my heels and I like a good pair of running shoes, but when I travel for leisure 12 pairs of shoes are really not an option. I can only pack about four pairs of shoes: a good heel for when we go dancing at night, a good sandal to wear everyday with everything and a pair of good flops to wear on the beach. Ok, maybe another pair of heels.

3. Summer Dresses;

I'll be in the home of of the salsa and nothing makes me feel as pretty as a short summer dress. I've recently found a great floral mini-dress in my  mother's dress and it's definitely coming with me.

4. Suncreen

I'll be in the sun most of the time so staying covered up (with sunscreen) is right up there with do not lose passport.

What I'm Expecting

I always try not to expect too much or over-plan for trips, well aside from looking up my destination's weather patterns; from then on I go with the flow.  With this specific trip I'm want to visit the local markets (especially since I'm saving all my beauty treatments money to spend on new clothes and accessories.) I want to go to a carnival and a bonfire. I want to go dancing every other night. Most of all, I'm hoping I find a hotel or guesthouse with Sealy beds; I'll need my beauty sleep.

Where are you planning on spending your summer holidays?


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