My Thought This Universal Children’s Day

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Today is Universal Children's day. A day all the parents in the world recognise how lucky they are that their children chose them for parents -- not that we ever forget. The day all parents critically look at children's issues, what they can do to help and put an end to hunger, child labour, child trafficking, child-headed homes.

Whenever I think of my own children and plan anything concerning their future very close to my heart and in my mind are all the other children in the world. I do understand that I can't mother, hug and feed each one of them but there are things we all can do in our communities to help.

The last time I had a child in nappies was a little over nine years ago but each year when Pampers  and UNICEF run their tetanus vaccination drive I always buy two packets of nappies to because a percentage of the sale goes to the fight against this infection that kills one in four infected people who go untreated. The death rate is even higher in newborns. Ma Zane has been good about finding  a mother and child who could use the nappies and gives them to them.

I mentor young girls who, much like I once was, are considered to be trouble by their teachers. I do this because I know from experience how much of a difference having a woman who isn't your mother and  doesn't judge you to talk to can be such a blessing.

It's as simple as making sure that the local community centre provides extra mural classes to those children who might otherwise not afford them. It's making sure that my children know that even though the live a life filled with love, opportunities and meterial things, not all children are as lucky to to have that.

Being a mother, caring about the future of our country and its future citizens is the reason I am always elated to hear that mother-to-child HIV infection rates are decreasing. That more girls are finishing high school with quite a number of women I know of going back to school.

More than anything as a mother I care about education, my children's minds and mental health. I care about equal quality education and healthcare  both of which hope to see it  in my lifetime.

Dear child, on your universally recognised and celebrated day, you can be as brilliant as you imagine you can be. Play, laugh, learn and give.


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