Natassja Kinski has narcolepsy!

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Over the last few months, we've been looking at Celebrity Sleep Disorders. There's J-Lo with her baby-induced sleep deprivation; Mariah Carey who is said to sleep 15 hours a night; and Jennifer Aniston, who is an infamous sleep walker.

This month we look at model turned actress Natassja Kinski.

Celebrities are people too - people who live out their lives in the spotlight. Some manage to live more privately than others, appearing on a the odd red carpet every now and again. Natassja Kinski is one such celeb. She has managed to live her life in relative privacy despite starring in 60 films over the last three decades.

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Depending on your age, you may not know who Natassja Kinski is. She is actually a rather accomplished actress (she won a Golden Globe for her performance in the film Tess in 1979) and has featured in over 60 films in her career. German-born, and US-trained she starred in her first film at age 15. She went on to marry twice and has three children.

In 2001, in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, she revealed she is a sufferer of narcolepsy. Narcolepsy is best described as a seizure causing numbness.  For more information regarding Narcolepsy check out Narcolepsy - Falling asleep on your feet.

Narcoleptics experience more seizures during emotional highs - anxiety, excitement, anticipation and laughter can all trigger an attack. It's hard to imagine an actress doing a heated film scene only to fall asleep on the job!

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