Naughty or Nice

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Receiving naughty bedroom gifts from my closest girlfriends (and my mother) is one of my darkest secret nightmares. I suspect it's also the reason I have successfully avoided the alter and the obligatory kitchen tea/ hen party, much to my mother's vocal disdain.

However, it seems I'm alone in my fear of  receiving and giving naughty gifts because yesterday a news website published a report that showed that plenty of of women in the United Kingdom (as well as New York and New Zealand) are all about bondage and toys this giving season.

The number one culprit for this spike is said to be the Fifty Shades of  Grey books. Naturally. According to the article the Official Fifty Shades of Grey line of "pleasure products," which are sold at, sold a third of its entire stock, which was intended to last until Christmas, in 24 hours after it became available.

Most of us have read about the books, even if it was just the synopsis or the back cover. I actually have a copy lying around in one of my drawers at home because my closest girlfriend was convinced I simply had to read it.

Let's just say le boyfriend did a dramatic reading and all he got from me was roaring laughter. It's not that I'm afraid of to try new things it's that Christian Grey is not my type. Write a book about a sweet artiste who is into sexy toys and maybe I'll go for it; write it like you mean it.

On the other hand viva la sisters doing it for themselves! I am likely to be my friend's plus one should Fifty Shades -- The Event head to Johannesburg next year.

Are going to be naughty or nice in your gift-giving?

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