Need a laugh? Check out this superb parody!

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Each month we will be featuring one video that’s crossed continents and gone viral! These are videos that have done the rounds via social media and will keep doing the rounds as they are too-darn-hilarious not to. You know they are a hit when your granny is forwarding them to you via Whatsapp!


This week's video is a parody of Taylor Swift's hit 'Blank Space'. Some tired mamas got together, rewrote some lyrics and got moms across the globe giggling with their Mom version...



Some of my favourite lyrics from these sleep-deprived ladies? "OMG Look at that face. You look like you're so awake"... and... "Is that a pillow? A mom can dream. Until she's awoken by a nightmare dressed like an ice queen!"

I hope this makes you laugh and gets you smiling!


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