Need a laugh? Here’s to sibling rivalry.

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Each month we will be featuring one video that’s crossed continents and gone viral! These are videos that have done the rounds via social media and will keep doing the rounds as they are too-darn-hilarious not to. You know they are a hit when your granny is forwarding them to you via Whatsapp!

Our second video features the cutest brothers doing what kids do best - getting on each others' nerves. It was posted in May 2007 and is a short clip of British brothers Charlie and Harry. The brothers who were aged 1 and 3 years respectively are now 8 and 10 years old.

Their parents, Shelley and Howard, couldn't believe that their family video has gone viral and become the most popular youtube video of all time with over 170 million views. Their Dad filmed it and posted it on youtube to share it with their godfather who was living in the US. And unsurprisingly, it went viral.

It's simple but oh-so hilarious. Enjoy!



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