Need a laugh? Here’s to the cutest kitten ever.

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Each month we will be featuring one video that's crossed continents and gone viral! These are videos that have done the rounds via social media and will keep doing the rounds as they are too-darn-hilarious not to. You know they are a hit when your granny is forwarding them to you via Whatsapp!

Our first video features the cutest kitten ever. Research shows that owning an animal improves your quality of life, decreases a child's risk of developing allergies and decreases your chance of having a heart attack. Animals are said to get you exercising more, spending more time outdoors and enjoying brain-enhancing cuddles.

Whether you are a pet lover or not, you will love this clip.

This video has had millions of views all over the world. It is my go to if I need a laugh fast. I hope it brings a smile to you today and every other day that you need it.

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