New Beginnings

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Happy New Year!

Yesterday after lunch I went for a walk in the park where there're plenty of beautiful wild flowers, which is why first thing this morning I went out to the fruit and veggie shop a few streets down from where I live to buy myself a bunch of beautiful and wild flowers.

They make my home look and smell wonderful and they are a reminder of the beauty that is to be found in life. Too often we're caught up in roses, sunflowers and all the conventionally "pretty" flowers. Honestly, roses must have the best PR agent there ever was!

This occurrence -- being confronted by nature's beauty and all its wonder that we forget while we're busy with the roses of life -- has brought about my first resolution (if you will) of 2013. My goal this year is to do new things, things I haven't done in a long time, visit the places that I've always had on my wanderlust list, buy daises once a month because they are my favourite flower.

I think that this part of my life will be called "Stopping Being Afraid" and will involve doing and saying things that scare me -- including a personal things between the boyfriend and I. No, it will not include bungee jumping, that's still dangerous.

Often than not we chain ourselves to our fears -- I know I have. We curl up into little bubble-wrap balls because then nothing bad can happen to us. Nothing good happens inside that bubble-wrap of the familiar, we're crippled and suffer arrested development.

This applies to my work-life as well. There are opinions and projects that have as much potential to innovate and change the landscape forever as they do to get me fired and declared insane. Which is better? Innovation or playing it safe and never knowing? These are the questions I'll attempt to answer with choices that stray from the beaten path this year.

What are your goals this year? What are you afraid of? What are your favourite flowers? Who do you think is the PR mananger for roses? Please share in the comments section.

Happy second day of 2013

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