New Year, new routines

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Watch out suburbia, I'm in super Domestic goddess mode!


Happy New Year domestic goddesses!

This is the year to fully unleash the domestic goddess within you; I hope that you will stay with me and that you learn as I learn. With the new academic year in full swing I find myself with a new quagmire of having to synchronise all the routines and staying on top of everything like I always do, because should anything go wrong, everyone gives that surprised look that’s layered with a bit of disappointment. I hate that look. There are a few new items on my schedule and I have devised some ways to handle them.

New School

My daughter is starting high school this year, this is not the change – I have always had a plan for this, she was going to enroll at the same school as her brother – but being the superstar she is she got a scholarship to go to a high school that has an excellent dance programme. On the condition that she keeps her marks up she’ll have the scholarship until she reaches grade 10. This is good news for us; three years worth of high school tuition has made its way to the university fund. The school is about an hour away from my last stop, which is my son’s primary school.  We have two options she can either take the bus or we can put her in organised transport with a few of her schoolmates. The organised transport, while it’s a bit more expensive than taking the bus, it’s safer because it’ll fetch from home and drop her off at home and it leaves the school when she’s done with all her activities and study groups. The trick with managing chaos is to delegate... so, I am ‘delegating’ transport to the school’s transport driver.

Extramural Activities

Last year during the cricket world cup Young Mister wanted to drop soccer and switch to cricket, but hubby and I managed to convince him that it was too late  to switch and that next year would be the perfect time to switch and well,  next year has come. The only drawback of cricket is that we currently don’t know anyone on the squad, which means I’ll be doing all the schlepping to practices and games for at least the whole first term. To make sure I don’t hinder Young Mister’s burgeoning bowling career I’ve printed out the full list of the term's fixtures and practises and given it pride of place on my fridge door. This way, when I grab the day’s pre-packed lunches I can easily scan the list and double-check that I’ve got all my ducks, the where’s and the when’s, all in a nice neat A-type personality row.

Flying Solo

For the first few months of the year I’ll be flying solo because my better half is off to goodness knows where expanding the business, he’ll be home every fortnight and available on the phone every evening. This means I have to book my part-time gardener for the entire time to handle the lawn and weeds, put my oldest son back on car duty and handle all the PTA meetings. If it weren’t for my love of lists and my military-style commitment to setting multiple reminders on my smartphone, there’d be far too much room for error. Thankfully, I’ve been training for months like these my entire adult life, so I’m fairly confident that I’ll manage not to send my gardener to a PTA meeting or have to give my son a crash course in weeding my beloved rose garden.

Tip for the day: Want to help your teen deal with stress and pressure? Instead of forcing them to talk about it, which is never a good idea, take them for a walk or to see a comedy movie; physical activities and laughing releases happy hormones.







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