Night lights for young and old

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Night lights are a pretty and practical way to ease fear of the dark... and prevent unfortunate bumps on the way to the kitchen or bathroom.

Some of these ideas range from wacky to pure genius and I am sure they will be enjoyed by both young and old.

Who doesn't love a good torch? Add a star screen and you have something enchanting.

cool torch copy


Why bother carrying a torch at all though if you can wear these incredible Torch Slippers. It is uncertain if these are really a 'thing' but the idea has some promise!

night light slippers copy

If you or your child loves science fiction then this Toxic Sludge Plug faucet glow sludge copy

or these Glowing Orbs that you can carry with you may tickle your fancy.

glowing orbs copy

As for me and my home, we will probably stick to the tried and tested fairy lights a la Consol glass or perhaps behind a Disney figurine.

fairy lights copymickey mouse light copy


For more information about choosing a night light that won't rob you or your child of quality sleep take a look at an older blog 'Let's talk about Night Lights' .





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