Nightswimming – How taking a dip can help you snooze

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It is Summer all over our beautiful land and temperatures are soaring. Whilst this makes for great days enjoying the outdoors, it does make for some sweaty nights filled with tossing and turning. Our Summer 'lows' are to really to blame . The ideal temperature for sleeping well is 21 degrees, although some say that a temperature as high as 24 degrees is sleep-able. Our lows are often well above this limit which means that falling asleep and staying asleep may be tricky.

This week my recommendation is a glorious night swim (or a less glorious cold shower for those without access to a pool of water). It is a super quick way to cool down your core temperature and increase your chance of staying asleep longer. It also has been shown to reduce Restless Leg Syndrome/ Willis-Ekboom Disease.

Take a dip, cool your core and sleep tight with these tips:

Keep your activity level low – Exercising after dark confuses your circadian rhythms and can make falling asleep harder so approach this as a dip rather than a workout.

View this as a moment of relaxation -  Although it may be hard to fight the urge to shriek with delight and do a bomb drop, try taking slow deep breaths and floating on your back to prepare your mind and body for bedtime.

Get in the pool at the right time – No matter the weather you will still require 7.5 – 9 hours sleep to feel refreshed. Aim to get into bed when you start feeling sleepy. This usually occurs as it gets dark (about an hour after the sun has set). Going to bed earlier will make waking up when the sun rises (and the temperatures soar!) easier too. Summer sleep-ins are tricky when it feels like mid-day at 6.30am!

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