Oh Jo’burg, why?

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I have been looking forward to hanging out at Flux Trends for their  “State we’re in: Q1” presentation for a couple of weeks now. At this event all the trends will be presented, I’m especially looking forward to travel, fashion and of course the trends in technology (I am a self-confessed gadget addict.) It has been a while since I have been out on the town and I’m looking forward to being around all the beautiful Jozi people… This is what I have been chanting to myself about all morning as I went about my day, trying to convince myself that it’ll still be fun and informative.

You see, when I woke up today it was raining. This made me go do ‘the stare down of disappointment’. Staring out the window – steaming cup of coffee in hand – at the cloudy sky and back at my new strapless figure-hugging frock, the one I had set aside to wear tonight (this went on a while).

The optimist in me argued that the sun could still come out; the weather forecast when I went to bed last night was 25 degrees. The other part of me concurred carrying this positivity along; I could wear that lovely blazer I found in down town London if the sun decided not to play along. I was still feeling this positive when I went back into my lovely Sealy bed for a forced – yet appreciated – day in with my girls Elle and Marie Claire.

It’s now about two hours until I head out to go mingle with the beautiful Jo’burg trend stalkers and the weather has shown me no signs of improvement. Sad, but my dress will have its chance in the sun (or warm) moonlight soon. Today is just not that day, and I have decided to retire it until the above mentioned sunny/warm moonlight occasion comes up.

The weather might have put my dress in early retirement, but it will not rob my shoes of the spotlight. If you are also going to this do, look out for me, I’ll be the one in the killer heels – rocking ‘em like I mean it.

My lovely Jo’burg, next time, please stick to the memo!

Love always, your dearest Jetsetter.


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