‘Oh no, not another baby!’ video has gone viral

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Six-year-old Tray had barely recovered from the arrival of his baby sister, Maya, when his mother Shanay informs him that she is pregnant (again!) and he will be getting another baby sister/brother. His reaction is priceless as he scolds his mom and warns her that this third baby is going to make everything "exasperating". He speaks from experience when he says a new baby brings "too much crying" to the home. 'From the mouths of babes' I tell ya'!


His mother sent the video clip to talk-show host Ellen who invited them onto the show to give him, yet another, surprise. It turns out that Tray's father, William, works as an American soldier in Afghanistan (which may explain why a third baby is 'what were you thinking'?) Let's hope he is home in time to make the transition to a family of five more peaceful.

We hope you enjoyed a good laugh and drizz!

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