On Being Gainfully Employed

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Happy Friday!

I know it's been so long since I last wrote here (March/April is always crazy with the public holidays!) But thankfully I have good news to report: as of Monday ( a public holiday) I have been a 9AM - 3PM girl! I have just scored myself a job with a local lifestyle boutique and my willingness to start on a public holiday was part of the test -- these are grown up things, folks.

This is, in many ways, my first real job because unlike the afternoon and weekend job I held at varsity last year I have a ton of responsibilities, I am expected to come on time, to contribute daily and there's even a code of conduct. I was really glad that the owner gave me a chance because I know that a few people with more experience would kill for the job.

I thought I'd share a typical day -- basically this past week in my life as an employed member of society.

6AM - Hit snooze

Please don't judge me, the temperatures have dropped quite a bit and it's gotten harder to get out from under the covers...

6:15AM - Zumba time

The sun comes out later these days and I don't feel safe going for a jog alone, which is why I've dusted off my copy of Zumba.

6:55AM - Get clean

This is when I shower, brush my teeth, shave, do my hair and the like. Bless quick warm showers.

7:30AM - Breakfast

Muesli, fruit, a smoothie or peanut butter whole-grain sandwich all of which stop me from getting a fast junk breakfast.

7:55Am -Tidy up

I apply the panties with a hole analogy to most aspects of my life. My mother drilled into my head that I need to keep things in order should people come over unexpectedly.

8h15: - Commute

It takes me less than 20 minutes to get to work but still I'm not early enough for my boss to find me waiting. If I didn't know better I'd say she slept at the shop.

9AM - 1PM - Be awesome

This is when I do everything from visual merchandising, helping customers pick out the right dress/bedding, answer calls, make calls to suppliers, phone the coffee house down the road and run out to pick up what we're ordered. The stuff super powers were designed for.

1PM - 1:30PM - Refuel

During this time things are quite small so my employer and I eat and chat in the back office. After which it's back to work for another  hour and a half.

3PM - 6AM - Live

At this time I'm back to doing my usual life stuff such as friends, family, babysitting, sketching, sleeping, blogging and the like.

Thank you for reading. If you're also currently job-seeking I say keep the faith.

Cheers to the weekend!

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