On Mother’s Day Gifts

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I've spent the last few weeks to a moth preparing for Mother's Day. I'm planning a weekend away fro my mother and mother in law. Bothe expressed wanting to spend the day with their grandchildren but after I explained that it would mean a lot of work (cleaning up, cooking, washing up etc) for me they agreed that going away is a better option, which leaves hubby in charge of the above duties. What's in a Mother's Day gift anyway?

I remember either daddy or his secretary and I always going to the stores at the last moments and buying some kind of lotions or wash cloths each year until I was about 16. One time I bought my mother an ice cream maker because if you save her money and still give me all the ice cream in the world I want. My mother who manages to burn food while warming it up in the oven letting it set in the fridge. OF course she took the monstrosity back and added to the money and bought herself designer sunglasses.

It wasn't until my first baby was four, came running in from daycare the Friday before Mother's Day -- sticky mess dangling in his hands -- that I realised the value of a Mother's Day present. Hubby had bought thoughtful gifts and made me brunch in bed in my first three years of motherhood but this was different. My son had scribbled a picture of me in the front of card in an -line (triangle) skirt, my fiery tresses at the time and hearts all over it. From that day on my hear melted at each breakfast in bed, the pasta cards, the handmade "self-care" coupons, the hugs and mixtapes. Everything.

As the children have gotten older the gifts have gotten more thoughtful. It really isn't just the price tag that counts. It's knowing that my daughter was thinking of e when she saw a certain shade of nail polish, that my youngest wrote a poem, that my oldest heard his coach talking about back injuries and convinced hubby to buy a six-month massage voucher because I complain about my back hurting. It's those little things.

One year we did nothing but watch cartoons i bed because my youngest was sick and it was incredible. Mother's  Day gets better each year that I am a mother.

What are your favouurite mother's day gifts and memories?

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