On Sleeping With a Partner

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One of the first things that change when people get into a serious relationship are the sleeping arrangements. It's to be expected that sooner or later you'll be sharing your bed with your partner or sharing theirs. This then brings up the question of sleep problems, sleeping positions and even the choice of bed.

A married (or cohabiting) couple shares their bed every night, which is an arrangement that takes negotiating to work seamlessly. Today, however, I'd like to focus on dating couples who live in separate homes. Scenario: the boyfriend sleeps over  about three times a week or once at the very least on busy weeks. The girlfriend also sleeps over at his place on work-free weekends. Each individual spends up to 10 days sleeping in the others bed. At this rate it's important that both beds are comfortable to both individuals.

Even though being in a serious, committed relationship that involves sharing a bed isn't for most people there are great benefits to going to sleep with the one you love beside you. Even if you prefer your bed made a certain way there's just something heartwarming about coming out of the shower to find that your significant other has made the bed for you. Even if it's done with their own slightly wrong technique.

Sharing a bed, especially in winter, means that you have an extra source of heat and you're therefore warmer, quicker. Cuddling is another perk of the sharing a bed with someone you love; a brief cuddle before getting into each of your best sleeping positions is a great way to end a day. It relaxes you and gives your partner a sense of security. The bed is a pleasant, open access place because it's warm all over -- as opposed to staying on your side of the bed in fear of rolling over onto the ice cold unoccupied part..

Of course, there are some difficulties that come with having another person in bed with you. For some it's that their partner turns a lot during the night, which is something that may keep them up or disturb their sleep. And for others it's a snoring partner.

What are favourite and least favourite things about sharing a bed with a partner?

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