Open Letter to my Future Daughter

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This may strike you as something that would make the rounds on teenagers and young adults-only websites; something a child would read with a groan of contempt/embarrassment at their 21st birthday, wedding or any other kind of coming-of-age ceremony. I feel like in my life so far I have accumulated enough experience, mishaps, heartbreaks and happy times to at the very least write a note containing life advice. So here it goes…

My dear daughter, I am glad you found this; your grand mama is even more pleased that you found us. I know I am one of those uncool mothers who nag, fix buttons in public, remove stains with their spit and more importantly I teach your peers maths. I love you and I want you to know all these things beforehand so that when you make your mistakes you know that you will recover, after all I did from mine.


Family are the best people you will ever meet, they may annoy you, make mistakes and display all kinds of signs of their imperfections but they will love you, and if you are lucky they love you unconditionally. Knowing a person’s name does not make them your friend. Friendships are relationships built on trust and loyalty, they are all about learning; finding and giving acceptance. Loyalty is never supposed to be blind though. I believe in love, in fact I’m a romantic. Love never ever makes you feel bad, that’s how you know it, you’re never made to apologise about your imperfections.


Never spend money you don’t have, debt never evaporates. Putting money away – in a piggy bank or actual institution – is one of the smartest things you can ever do for yourself. Never chase money. It is important to know our worth and to stand by it, but never make life-changing decisions for money.


Never go to bed with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. Drink water, even when you’re out – have a glass. “I’ll sleep when I’m dead” is not the best motto, sleep when you need to, sleep when you’d rather be dancing up a storm. If for some reason you value a nightlife, find ways to nap and rejuvenate your body, a recharged body equals a relaxed mind, which combined equal a balanced life. Find the best pair of heels for you, when you do you can circle the Earth in them.

Give of yourself, sing out loud and dance even when people could be watching.






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