Packing an Overnight Bag

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I can hardly contain my excitement! I've managed to get a few days off and will be going down to Cape Town to see my mummy and daddy. This will be my second visit since the year began and thankfully it's over Mother's Day weekend! Though I'll be there for a few days all I ever take home are gifts and the essentials. This is the only trip packing for which is never much of a hassle.

My bedroom at my parent's is basically a nostalgia capsule of my teens and early 20s when I couldn't keep a place for more than six months without going bak home for monetary or emotional reasons. Over the years any trip I've taken home has been the same: only pack the essentials -- whether be it a planned or a case of "I miss my daddy"... I mean, spontaneous. I have a wardrobe full of clothes, my mum and dad's clothes. The fact that I never really go anywhere when I visit home is another reason I never pack much.

Bag Snob overnight travel bag

This is what I usually pack when preparing to travel home, you can also use it when packing an overnight bag.

1. Personal Items

I always do my best to pack my wash cloth, change of underwear, toothbrush etc. Even thought my mother is the queen of bulking up on bath items and toothbrushes; I prefer having my own.

2. Gadgets

Going home for me is a chance to have family time, which is why I try to not pack as much communication gadgets. So my smartphone, camera and digital music player are the most important gadgets I pack. Food photography increases greatly on my social media timelines when my mother's doing the cooking.

3. Back up plan

Being so used to having everything I need, I once forgot to pack the charger for my smartphone a few years ago. It was so terrible! My dad ended up driving me to the shops the next morning to buy another one to keep in my room.

4. Reading material

This is a great idea if you rarely get downtime in your daily life but anticipate some in your getaway. Often I'll pack a light read or magazine but end up reading my mother's latest read, her housekeeping magazines or my dad's crocheting ones.

Remember to pack you sense of adventure and humourous bone; they allow those as carry-on luggage too. With so little time available to spend with your loved ones, you won't go far being a grouch.

Happy Jetsetting! And happy Mother's Day to all the mummies of the world.

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